The Problem

Presently, 1 in 6 individuals in the United States live in poverty. Nearly a third are children under the age of 14. The absolute number of individuals currently who live in poverty is the highest in our country’s history!

The goal of Taking it to the Streets is to “break the cycle of poverty” for those residents most in need.

Our organization, Taking it to the Streets is an exciting, “outside the box” non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to use proven for-profit marketing efforts to “multiply” the philanthropic dollar for the sole benefit of those suffering in poverty.

Taking it to the Streets borrows from the “for profit” business sector model of investing resources into marketing and advertising campaigns. Leveraging our outreach with partnerships with the corporate community and media vendors so to “multiply” the funds that can then be totally focused on life’s basic needs – food, shelter, & health care.

As evidenced in this recent philanthropic trade publication, giving in the U.S. has not increased in the past four decades.

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