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Start a STREETS Team

Start a Public or Private Team among your Friends & Family, & invite everyone to Contribute

Think of it as being the leader of a movement. You are the captain of your team in which you can be as creative as possible to create a unique and personal event that shows how you, your school, your business, or your entire community are standing up to poverty.

Browse Existing Teams

Teams can be either public or private. Public teams allow anyone to join their team. Don’t want to start your own team? Join an existing team.

Start a High School Club

There’s no one way to organize a STREETS club – you get to decide. You can have meetings as often as you like and as needed based on the projects the club has in the works. However, regular meetings are recommended as a good way to keep members interested and involved in the cause. (And yes, STREETS will require your club to have an advisor.)

STREETS Ambassadors Program

Join STREETS Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors are people just like you who want to make a difference in the lives of those suffering in poverty. Our Ambassadors are the eyes, ears, and heart of our organization.

The STREETS Ambassadors Program is an online, grassroots fundraising program that gives our supporters the ability and tools they need to raise funds and awareness for the STREETS mission of fighting poverty.

STREETS Fundraiser Events

How to Create your own Event

A personal event is any fundraiser that you can hold in your community to raise funds and awareness for Taking it to the Streets. Simply follow the instructions (forthcoming) and begin creating your own personal fundraising page.

STREETS will provide you our STREETS toolkit that includes a wealth of information and materials you can use to help you get started.

Fundraiser Event Ideas

House parties, marathons, social media campaigns, bake sales, concerts, dog walks, etc.

Companies Looking To Give Back

Please call or email to discuss your company’s specific interests.

Get Inspired

Highlights of our Featured Ambassador of each Month

The Ambassador program is presently in the works, stay tuned for our upcoming featured Ambassador.

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