How We Work

Taking it to the Streets will use our 24 plus years of successful “for profit” marketing expertise to “multiply” the number and absolute amount of funds available for basic human needs – food, shelter, & medical needs.

Taking it to the Streets will be creating and developing marketing campaigns in partnership with local, regional, and national media outlets whose sole purpose is to promote broad community based fundraising.

These marketing investments, as used in the for profit business sector, will have a Return on Investment that is far greater than the resources extended.

Taking it to the Streets is committed to making our marketing and fundraising efforts continual and ongoing …. over weeks, over months, and over years. As long as there is poverty there is need. This is our business’ purpose.

Even with today’s 21st century proliferation of new, creative technology, and faster ways and means of reaching out and communicating, far above them all for impact is still television. Television is and continues to be the top choice for reaching and impacting the largest and broadest viewing audience.

Consider those who continually use television to grow their company, attract new customers, and brand themselves: major corporations, sporting events, contest shows (American Idol, Survivor, etc.), political campaigns, major motion pictures, and more.

Taking it to the Streets on an ongoing basis will borrow this proven and successful marketing model for the purpose of generating community based donors resulting a dramatically growing charitable dollars to support proven basic needs organizations.

Why re-invent the wheel when we know the paradigm works?